Saas Speed for your Analytics

Use the Advantages of SaaS Speed to Overcome Data Analytics Headaches

Retail has changed dramatically in the last few years, and you face the monumental task of implementing or reinvigorating analytics to keep up. That task may feel overwhelming: from supply chain disruptions to new customer demands, you must be ready yesterday to turn each new challenge into opportunity before your competitors. But can you afford to take time or focus away from other business decisions and disrupt operations for a year or more to build your own solution?

What if in a matter of weeks you can already save time and money, your whole team can access tailored reports and dashboards to visualize actual performance, and you can stay focused on your business goals? That’s what we do at Analytic Labs, and we think it’s time you knew about the advantages of Eclipse SaaS to start applying powerful, targeted analytics to your business needs now.

Implementation speed creates immediate opportunities

Why choose opportunity costs while you build when you can choose business opportunities as you save? While other companies build a data management solution and wait to respond to today’s challenges, Eclipse clients are saving costs and already discovering potential in their data, improving plans, and positioning themselves to take advantage of rapid changes to the retail apparel landscape.

Save immediate costs with Software-as-a-Service

As an SaaS ready to interface with your data, Eclipse provides immediate savings compared to traditional enterprise solutions:

  • No hardware to source
  • No software to design
  • No crew to build out
  • No new-product hassles to solve

Act on opportunities with implementation speed

More than just saving costs, because Eclipse enables analytics in weeks, rather than months or years, Eclipse creates opportunity:

  • Identify and meet business needs dramatically faster than with traditional solutions.
  • Incorporate data from across your company now, not later, to find opportunities now, not later.
  • Increase earning potential fast, to take your company ahead of your competition even faster.

Whether you invest in a new store, a new sales platform, or a new product line, you should make business decisions based on solid, data-supported analysis. Don’t wait to access the predictive power of your data while you invest in creating a new system.

Case in point: Salvaging a broken supply chain

In September 2021, supply chain experts warned consumers to start their Christmas shopping immediately. These warnings came after international shipping companies admitted they don’t have the vehicles, processing power, or human resources to keep up with increases to the regular demand of eCommerce. 

Even knowing the state of global supply chains, companies running siloed legacy systems couldn’t effectively anticipate the combined effects. Costs have gone up, exponentially in some cases, even after a product is sold—costs that couldn’t be avoided or incorporated into pricing and had to be absorbed.

Companies currently building their own enterprise system are also only able to react in the same limited way, while also pouring money into the enterprise solution that isn’t helping them now.

But before next month’s figures are in or next quarter’s goals are set, Eclipse customers can evaluate both internal and relevant external sources—including external partner data—to predict and prevent losses, identify the best path forward, and act immediately.

Eclipse has the speed advantage. Do you?

Answers aren’t enough if you discover them after everyone else, after the opportunity is past, after you’ve already invested time, energy, and human resources building a custom solution.

Don’t wait to put your data to work. Know you have your company’s present and future under control, and be ready for the next industry or global shakeup. Invest in your business outcomes, use the advantage of speed, and leave the data solution to us.