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Eclipse Testimonials from Business owners

Guide Company Growth with Ecommerce Data

Growing your business over the last few years has been a surreal experience for many. Who could have imagined foot traffic dropping to zero? A global focus on ecommerce served customers from a safe distance and allowed people to reach new markets, but it has also created several challenges. To grow your business while meeting…

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Analytic Labs Eclipse

Eclipse Cloud SaaS – The Next Generation of Data Intelligence

The last couple years in the retail industry have been a whirlwind of adapting and growing in many directions to find a “new normal.” But the omni-channel retail world has its own challenges, and gathering more data only means more opportunity if you can turn it into useable guidance. You can’t manage what you can’t…

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Saas Speed for your Analytics

Use the Advantages of SaaS Speed to Overcome Data Analytics Headaches

Retail has changed dramatically in the last few years, and you face the monumental task of implementing or reinvigorating analytics to keep up. That task may feel overwhelming: from supply chain disruptions to new customer demands, you must be ready yesterday to turn each new challenge into opportunity before your competitors. But can you afford…

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