It’s All Around You. Use It.

Your business is floating on an ocean of data—use it to go anywhere.

Legible, Available, Trustworthy

Our unique software incorporates your business performance logic to standardize your data, ensuring it is always legible, available, and trustworthy.


Legible data refers to data that is clear, easily readable, and understandable.

Fast Available

Critical information is continuously accessible without any interruptions or downtime.

Secure Trustworthy

Data is accurate, reliable, consistent, and can be depended upon for making informed decisions, conducting analysis, and supporting business processes.

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is Navigation in the Age of Information

Eclipse is a platform that collects and analyzes all of the data that is relevant to your business growth and performance. Some of this data is generated by your internal business systems, like a CRM, and some exists outside of it, like foreign exchange rates. But with a tool as powerful, user-friendly, and reliable as Eclipse, all of it comes together to create a picture of opportunity. Why float aimlessly on this vast ocean of data? Equip yourself with the navigational system you need to truly go anywhere.

How It Works Walkthrough

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