Take your analysis to the next level.

Keep your silos, we'll connect them.

Eclipse is a Business Analysis Platform that integrates with:

Faster, Smarter, Easier

Eclipse Grows Your Business

 Fast Eclipse is Faster

  • Implemented in 8 weeks.
  • Take monthly or weekly data refreshes to hourly.

Reliable Eclipse is Smarter

  • Data from all your systems in one analysis engine.
  • A team of world-class business data experts helps get you the right output.

Secure Eclipse is Easier

  • Single front-end to multiple sources of data.
  • Custom access allows the right groups to see the right data, all the time.

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Structuring Your Data for AI

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All You Need to Know About Standard Retail KPIs

Knowing which KPIs to use and how to apply them is essential for any retailer who wants to stay competitive in the market. This article will provide an overview of the most common standard retail KPIs, their purpose, and how they can boost retail performance.

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AI-Powered Business Intelligence

To unburden analysts, businesses are turning to AI-powered business intelligence solutions. These solutions enable companies to quickly access data insights that inform strategic decisions and accelerate business growth.

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Erp Reporting Inefficiencies

Reporting Inefficiencies? Get the Most Out of Your ERP

Many companies struggle to fully utilize the reporting capabilities of their ERP systems, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of valuable insights.

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Guide Company Growth with Ecommerce Data

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Analytic Labs Eclipse

Eclipse Cloud SaaS – The Next Generation of Data Intelligence

The last couple years in the retail industry have been a whirlwind of adapting and growing in many directions to find a “new normal.” But the omni-channel retail world has…

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Use the Advantages of SaaS Speed to Overcome Data Analytics Headaches

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