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Keep your silos, we'll connect them.

The Challenge

How Much of Your Data is "Dark"?

Your data tells the story of what’s been happening in your business—the good, the bad, the missed opportunities, and the most promising developments. Above all else, it reveals what you should be doing to grow. Or at least it should. The problem is that far too many businesses collect data using legacy systems that can’t tell a coherent story about how to achieve success. In fact, 55% of the data companies collect is “dark”. That means it’s collected, stored, and processed, but not used for anything—because nobody can figure out what it’s saying.

Dark Data

The Answer

Eclipse Brings Your Data to Light

Imagine a body without a brain; that’s what companies producing mass amounts of dark data are like. Data enters the system of your business from a huge variety of “nerve endings”, from marketing channels to employee spreadsheets. But what’s the “central nervous system” that makes meaning out of all this information?

Eclipse is that central nervous system. Its interface technology collects data from every data source relevant to your business and transforms it into an actionable story. Discover where you’re at—and where you could go next.

Connect Your Data

Smarter, Faster, Easier

Eclipse Grows Your Business

 Fast Eclipse is Fast

Some business data companies want to build you a time-consuming customized platform. Eclipse is different. It can start working for your business in a matter of weeks.

Reliable Eclipse is Reliable

The technologies that produce data are always changing. But Eclipse’s interfaces are smart, so they keep up, and keep on organizing and interpreting your essential business information without missing a beat.

Secure Eclipse is Managed

Let us manage the tech stack, interfaces, and report writing. Focus on running your business and we’ll send you the insights you need.

How Eclipse Works

A Single Platform for Business-Building Insights

Eclipses collects data from wherever it’s generated, whether it’s inside or outside of your business. Once in Eclipse—the new central nervous system of your business—the data is engineered so that it can drive insights. All this useable data is stored so that you can get all the reports you need from a single place, instead of trying to make sense of reports from all your various data sources.

Time to Implement

Maintenance Costs

Innovation Time